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2015 JV State Tournament Champions

2015 Varsity State Tournament 3rd Place

Parent Game Day Schedule

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Parents Game Day Schedule

Capital Hockey Game Day Duties

Each parent is responsible for having his or her duty covered due to a conflict.  Each parent making substitutions should notify Jon Young of any changes.
Admission Table:

Please arrive at the ticket table 45 minutes before the start of the Junior Varsity game until the 2nd shift arrives mid 2nd period of the Junior Varsity game. We will have a ticket table on both sides of the arena. Never leave the table unattended.  Stay at the table until the end of the National Anthem of the Varsity game. At that time, lock the cash box and bring it to the Treasurer, Board President, or Team Manager.

Merchandise Table:
Junior Varsity Games:
Please arrive at the table 60 minutes before the start of the game.   Stay at the table until the begining of the 3rd period of the Junior Varsity game. Never leave the table unattended.

Varsity Games: Please arrive at the  table at the start of the 3rd period of the junior Varsity game.   Never leave the table unattended. Stay at the table until the beginning of the 2nd period of the varsity game. At that time, lock the cash box and bring it to the Treasurer, Board President, or Team Manager.
Position yourselves for your duties 15-20 minutes before your assigned game. Ensure audio and clock is functioning prior to game start, and stats person will need to fill out the home & away rosters on the game scoresheet.

Here are some helpful notes to get you started...
The family responsibilities are for each player on the team:

Sign up for 11 TOTAL spots per player in your family: 2 players = 22 spots


Sign up using the email where you want the reminders/info sent
* Duties are shared among all parents

Home Game Opportunities – Varsity and Junior Varsity games:

clock, score sheet (pointstreak), announcer, video camera, ejection door, admission door, team meal coordinator, team meal volunteers

Away Game Opportunity – Varsity and Junior Varsity games: video camera 

* Gate - Admission door 
2 shifts per night (1:30 each shift)
Shift 1 - 45 min prior to the start of the JV game until approximately middle of the JV 2nd period (JV parents that sign up for these slots will miss the JV game)

Shift 2 - approximately start of the JV 3rd period until the end of the Varsity National Anthem

* If you can’t make your volunteer assignment it is your responsibility to find a replacement and update Volunteer Spot

$25 for a missed assignment will be assessed.

* Team Meals
Meal organizers may want to use  to help coordinate the details of the meal they are coordinating. Meal organizers can have the meal in their home if they choose,
otherwise the Bucs lounge will be available. Team Meals are work, for all volunteers.  This is not a spot where you just send food with your player.  When you sign up, please choose a date when you are available to help setup and cleanup.